As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.



i wont title this or put album art

but because you are emo trash you will recognize it


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I want to see if this’ll work: if you watched the finale of Free! Eternal Summer, I want you to write #ForTheTeam14 or #ForTheFuture14 on your hand.

This is to show love and support for Free! and also to determine how big the Free!dom is so if you do decide to do this, please take a photo of it, upload to tumblr and be sure to tag me, iwatobixsamezuka, so I can see!

Let’s do this!



Part 2 of Episode 3 redraw challenge!

I know many people redraw this scene, but I had to draw it too, this episode is my favourite and it was sooo Reigisa strong, it makes my heart flutter :’D It’s so cute they realized how important they are to each other and how much their friendship (cough) means.
Of course, added kiss and hug, Kyoto Animation, how could you skip this part? Did they do it beyond the scenes? ;D

Little Pumpkin awww :’D

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